Living Worthy of the Glad Tidings (Philippians 1:27-30)

Dr Daryl Miller, November 6, 2016
Part of the Living the Grateful Life series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

Title: Living Worthy of the Glad Tidings
Text: “ Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ” (Phil. 1:27).
Scripture Reading: Philippians 1:27 - 30

Sunday Evenings
“Living the Grateful Life” is the theme for the first three Sunday evenings. Our primary motivation is to stem from God’s love for us.
On the last Sunday evening of the month, begin the series “God with Us at Bethlehem and God in Us at Pentecost.” These messages prove that the Christ of Christmas is alive and working in our world today.

Paul wrote to his beloved Philippian friends from a prison cell. While he had many reasons for despair, his epistle radiates the joy of one who knew Jesus Christ to be very precious and very real. In fact, the apostle loved the Lord and had experienced his presence and power in such a manner as to cause him to want to go on and be with the Lord immediately. However, he came to the conclusion that it was best that he remain in order that he might encourage and assist others in their spiritual growth and service for Christ (Phil. 1:21?–?26). Paul encouraged his beloved friends to live in such a manner as to make the glad tidings they announced attractive to their listeners.
It is interesting to note how our text has been translated. The New International Version translates it, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Phillips translates it, “Whatever happens, make sure that your everyday life is worthy of the gospel of Christ.”
I. Traits that were and are desirable.
A. We must stand steady and faithful together as the disciples of our Lord (v. 27).
B. We must create and maintain a spirit of unity within the fellowship of the church (v. 27).
C. We must not be intimidated or terrified by those who oppose the gospel (v. 28). John Knox said, “Show a bold front at all times to your adversaries.”
D. We must be willing to suffer for the sake of our faith and for the sake of the Christ who loved us enough to suffer for us (v. 29).

II. Right attitudes of mind and heart are essential if we are to live worthy of the glad tidings.
Christ is to be our model at all times as far as our conduct is concerned.
A. With humility and gratitude for salvation from the penalty of sin, we should give ourselves in service to others.
B. With confidence and trust in the power of our Lord, we should face the struggles of the present in the faith that God will give us victory.
C. Because the Lord has been so good in the past and is so good in the present, we can face the future with an attitude of confidence and joy.
III. Responding to our high privileges.
Paul wrote to those who had been blessed indescribably by the glad tidings of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. He focused on some of their privileges and urged them to respond in a worthy manner.
A. We enjoy the privilege of believing in Jesus Christ as Savior.
B. We can rejoice in the privilege of being listed among his servants and helpers.
C. Paul pointed out that some enjoy the privilege of suffering for Christ’s sake. Probably we have never really come to appreciate our Lord if we have not been willing to suffer for him.
D. We should live worthy of the glad tidings in order that we might have the joy of sharing Christ with a world that is still in spiritual darkness.
Each of us should make it our business to make certain that the manner in which we conduct our daily affairs is such as to demonstrate the difference that Jesus Christ makes. We need to participate in the work of our church so as to strengthen the witness of our church in the community and the world. Each of us, in our own individual world, must live worthy of the name that we wear if we are to identify with those who are called Christians.


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