Operation GO Mentoring Program Trains Soul Winners to Present the Gospel.

When we think of soul winning at Maranatha Baptist Church, we’re talking about the whole package. This includes sharing Christ with people even outside the church house, on purpose using a plan, getting them down the aisle to make a public profession of faith, seeing them get baptized, and joining the local church. In other words following through with them, discipling them. This is the biblical way for churches to grow and this is what still needs to be done.

Friend if you’re finding that the enthusiasm used to be there and it’s not there anymore, I want to encourage you. Ask the Lord to rekindle that fire and to help you demonstrate the kind of enthusiasm that you need to demonstrate. Maybe you need to restart ’Operation Go’ all over again. Start with those that are truly interested. If you’ve got only two people that are interested in being trainers and two people that are committed to being trained, those are the four that you go with. Then just re-birth soul winning in your church. If you’re finding that people are not staying committed, make sure you are not trying to push somebody through ‘Operation Go’. If your trainers are not truly committed they won’t be able to encourage the trainee. You can try to encourage them, take them out, and buy them a steak, let them know how much you love them and truly appreciate what they are doing. Let them know that you get excited when one comes to know Jesus Christ as Savior. When I get a text message that says “Hey Preacher, this is Mario (a nurse at a local hospital), I just had the opportunity to lead a 72 year old woman to the Lord. She won’t be with us much longer but she’s going to be in glory!” I text him back and I thank the Lord for him, then I text, (I have a list and it’ll go out right away) several in our church so that they might rejoice also. Keep up the enthusiasm; keep up the excitement and keep soul winning in front of your people.

Soul winners are not an elitist group and we must at times work at keeping that feeling from coming across. But when we share in humility and with appreciation and excitement that God can use even us, others will catch the fire. They too will want to see God use them in this area. Soul winning is a command and as with each command we are to teach and train those God has entrusted to us, to follow these commands. So when we (whether a Pastor, Deacon, church worker or just a member of the congregation) reach out to a lost and dying world in humility and with God’s love, people are drawn. The lost are drawn to the Savior, and others to share the Savior. That’s how you continue to have a soul winning church.