The Ideal Leader (Psalm 2:1-12)

Dr Daryl Miller, October 12, 2016
Part of the Out of Human Experiences series, preached at a Midweek Meeting service

Title: The Ideal Ruler
Text: “Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth” (Ps. 2:10).
Scripture Reading: Psalm 2
Psalm 2 was written at the coronation of a new king of Israel, probably David. Already Israel was looking for the ideal king for the future, the Messiah of God’s kingdom.
I. Humankind’s rebellion (Ps. 2:1?–?3).
The psalm portrayed people plotting a revolt against the king of Israel. “The heathen rage” in wild commotion. “The people imagine a vain thing” in conspiracy against God’s ruler (vv. 1?–?2). The rebellion of the people against the new king was regarded as a revolt against the Lord because the king was ideally set apart as God’s anointed ruler (v. 2). The rebels sought to break the bands of divine restraint (v. 30).
II. God’s indignation (Ps. 2:4?–?6).
God responds to people who revolt against his rulers. The psalmist pictured God laughing at the revolutionaries (v. 4) and speaking with displeasure against them. One of the worst realities of life is to have God against you (vv. 5?–?6).
III. God’s decree (Ps. 2:7?–?9).
In the day of coronation the king was acknowledged as God’s son (v. 7). God acknowledged Jesus Christ as the ideal ruler: “Thou art my beloved son” (cf. Mark 1:11).
The vision of world dominion of the ruler in verse 8 goes beyond David’s reign. Evidently the psalmist looked toward the Messiah as the ideal ruler.

The Messiah will rule by conquest. Ultimately, all of the world will be under the domination of God’s Messiah. This does not mean that all ultimately will be saved. Instead, it means that God’s Messiah will rule universally (v. 9).
IV. Humankind’s admonishment (Ps. 2:10?–?12).
Both rulers and subjects were enjoined to submit to the Lord. Notice the admonishments: “Be wise .?.?. be instructed .?.?. serve the Lord .?.?. rejoice with trembling .?.?. kiss the Son” (vv. 10?–?12). People who submit to the Lord find a security and happiness in life (v. 12).
Just as the message of Psalm 2 was vital to Israel in the time of the kings, so it is vital to America today. If we want our country to prosper under God, we need to submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ.


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